Our Book

Creating Retirement Plan Perfection 

Creating Retirement Plan Perfection 

Smart 401(k) Plan Design for Business Owners & Plan Sponsors

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Our Goal

Our first priority we identified when we decided to write this book was to educate our clients and community members about what was coming up with the Department of Labor Regulations regarding Retirement Plans. This affects so many and we feared there could be some business owners who would be lost and confused and not sure what to do.

We want this book to serve as a How To for the business owner to ensure that they are in compliance with their plan, their plan is running as efficiently as possible, and that it is providing the employees and participants a path to their "Perfect" retirement.

We have served as the advisor on a number of plans varying in size, from the small business down the street from our office with a couple employees to the large corporation hours away with over 1,000 employees. We are also skilled and experienced in starting up a plan, enhancing and upgrading your current plan, and even shutting the plan down when you decide that it is time to retire.

Our second priority we identified was to show how the Retirement Plan domain has expanded and become more sophisticated and gives the business owner more options on how to construct a retirement plan.

This book can be essential for a business owner to read and understand what is at stake by sponsoring a retirement plan for their employees and not grasping the full scope of their responsibilities.