Individual Wealth Management & Risk Management

Individual Wealth Management

When it comes to investing, there are a lot of choices out there. We take the time to sit down with our clients to determine the best strategy, solution, and combination of investments to meet the goal.

We offer only Institutional investment products. Our line-up includes thousands of money managers with a range of funds from conservative to aggressive, domestic to international, and Strategic to Dynamic to Tactical.

We want to not only achieve excellent performance, but we want to manage your downside risk because we know, "What comes up, must come down!"

Risk Management

Risk Management has two goals: do well when the market is doing well and do better when the market is doing poorly.

We have several options to help with this concern. We have developed a method of combining your typical and well known Strategic investing with Dynamic or Tactical investing to accomplish both goals. Strategic investing can be defined as continuing to stay invested despite what the market or economy is doing. Dynamic or Tactical investing can be defined as monitoring market and economic conditions and making subtle shifts as a result. We call our method Core & Satellite Investing.

Our analogy is that "Strategic" investing is the Gas Pedal and will be disciplined to stay fully invested in all market conditions using broad asset allocation. "Dynamic or Tactical" investing is your steering wheel and brake and most managers will have their own proprietary algorithms to dictate how to react to each market condition and can adjust your risk level accordingly.

Dynamic or Tactical investing are first concerned with protecting the investor in the down markets. The main objective isn't to never lose money, but to lose less when those events happen.